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Baidu receives test license for California

Chinese search engine Baidu is allowed to test autonomous driving in California without a driver in the driver’s seat.

Baidu has imitated Google in many respects. It made money from the search engine and invested it in autonomous driving, among other things. Today, Baidu is one of the leading companies in the industry.

For this development, Baidu has recently put itself into the thick of things, especially in China, where they also initiated a test field and offer a robot taxi service.

But now Baidu has succeeded in doing something in the U.S. that only six companies can claim so far: They have been granted a license to test their automated vehicles without a driver in California.

Besides Baidu, only Google’s sister company Waymo, the General Motors startup Cruise, the delivery startup Nuro, the startup Zoox acquired by Amazon, and the startup AutoX, also from China, can claim this. Whereas AutoX recently announced it had initiated a robot taxi service in Shenzhen, China.

With the license, Baidu is now able to test three Level 4 vehicles in California. However, this requires submitting regular scopes, taking out a correspondingly high insurance policy and demonstrating remote control technology.

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