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Cruise Automation tests in Japan

Start-up Cruise Automation is testing autonomous driving in Japan.

U.S. manufacturer General Motors bought a startup back in 2016 that aims to advance the development of autonomous driving: Cruise Automation. General Motors put one billion US dollars on the table for this.

Cruise has been quite successful and has already presented a robot cab called Cruise Origin, which has neither pedals nor a steering wheel.

But even though testing of the technology has been made easier in the U.S. by easing safety regulations, Cruise now wants to test its technology in Japan.

The reason for this initially lies in the fact that Honda is also involved with the start-up Cruise Automation. Originally, Honda wanted to cooperate with the industry leader Waymo, but they probably didn’t get a look at the technology, which is why they turned to General Motors. By the way, Volkswagen also cooperates with GM’s start-up Cruise and has also joined the company.

So, in Japan, they want to get the robot cabs off the ground together with Honda. What’s more, people in Japan drive on the left-hand side of the road, which is something they also need to have learned in order to apply the technology globally. Not only in Japan, but also in Great Britain, South Africa and Australia, people drive on the left-hand side of the road.
Cruise did not say which tests would be carried out where in Japan.

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