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Mcity license for the American Center for Mobility

Mcity has licensed autonomous driving testing software to the American Center for Mobility (ACM).

A unique new cloud-based operating system designed to test connectivity and autonomous driving has been licensed for the first time for use off campus at the University of Michigan, where it was developed. That’s where the first facade city, Mcity, is located, where autonomous driving has been tested for years.

The Mcity OS software, which can be used to create and run complex but repeatable vehicle test scenarios, can be used to test autonomous and connected vehicles. The software pays particular attention to the infrastructure with its intelligent systems. Since this is the case with the ACM, the Michigan test site has licensed the software.

The software is designed to help the ACM reduce costs and speed up testing operations. The Mcity OS system is controlled through an app called Skyline. Where once you had to radio colleagues to turn the light red to check the vehicle’s response, the software lets you orchestrate the concept like a conductor.

The software promises robust data collection to verify results with real-time data. At the same time, Mcity OS is by no means limited to use in closed test fields, as scaling is explicitly envisioned.

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