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Circuit Design

The Magarigawa Club

THE MAGARIGAWA CLUB TOKYO, JAPAN Southeast, 70 kilometers and 60 minutes away from Tokyo, a unique race track is being built that is unlike any other in the world. The 3.5-kilometer race track is symbiotically embedded in the existing topography with hills and valleys, offering

Igora Drive Saint Petersburg

IGORA DRIVE Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA Starting with the 2023 Formula 1 season, the Russia GP will be held at Igora Drive near St. Petersburg. In 2019, Igora Drive was completed 80 km north of Saint Petersburg. Covering an area of around 100 hectares, it is

Intercity Istanbul Park

INTERCITY ISTANBUL PARK ISTANBUL, TURKEY Completed in 2005, the "Istanbul Park" Formula 1 racetrack is located on the Asian side of Istanbul about 80 kilometers east of the old city. With a length of 5.3 kilometers the circuit includes a total of 14 turns.  The

Baku F1 Citiy Circuit

Baku F1 Citiy Circuit BAKU, ASERBAIJAN In 2016, the Baku City Circuit hosted a Formula 1 race for the first time, called the "European Grand Prix". Since then, the race in Azerbaijan's capital has been part of the Formula 1 racing calendar. In the meantime,

Bilster Berg

Bilster Berg Bad Driburg, Germany After a seven-year planning and approval phase and a construction period of 20 months, Bilster Berg was able to open in 2013. The first circuit in western Germany in over 80 years. A 4.2-kilometer race track now spans the abandoned

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