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Bahrain FIFA Stadium

The stadium is an important element …


The stadium is an important element in the urban redevelopment of the area around Bahrain’s international race track.

The Bahrain Sports City stadium is a state-of-the-art sports facility, which finds its representative character in a composition of modern and traditional architectural elements.
The design complies with the latest FIFA regulations and provides a unique and exciting venue for national and international soccer events, as well as various other major events. The stadium is located next to the Formula 1 Grand Prix race track and rises from an oval base over a wide, surrounding plaza. This high-quality plaza serves as a distribution area for the stadium’s spectators, as well as the entrance and exit level of the adjacent Indoor Sports Complex and the hotel belonging to the Sports City.
The inner organization of the stadium follows a functional structure, which makes it possible to arrange all the necessary rooms (catering, sanitary facilities, prayer rooms, etc.) around a large concourse area. Between the lower and upper spectator areas, which have a capacity of around 47,000 (???) seats, a ring of high-quality lounges is arranged which can accommodate around 3,000 VIP guests in separate areas. The media and medical center as well as the players’ areas are located at pitch height in the basement.
The design concept of the exterior façade follows a contemporary interpretation of traditional “mashrabiya” patterns, which give the stadium a spectacular and filigree appearance. The net-like façade elements end at first floor level in a wave-shaped, gold-colored seam, which in some places rises up to the concourse level of the VIP areas and opens the entrances to the stadium. The façade can be illuminated with the latest LED technologies in a variety of colors to create spectacular lighting effects that create a breathtaking overall appearance, especially at night.



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