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Formula 1 celebrates its race premiere in Vietnam in 2020…


Formula 1 celebrates its race premiere in Vietnam.

The race track in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, which will be completed in 2020, is a circuit partly made up of new and partly on existing road sections. The track is to demand everything from the Formula 1 drivers over a length of 5.5 kilometers:
Several combinations of tight left-right turns, a 1.5 kilometer long high-speed straight, extreme braking points and challenging track sequences generate a varied race and offer many opportunities for overtaking. The straight can be driven through at a speed of up to 340 km/h and forms one of the possible DRS zones.
The start and finish straight and the parallel pit lane are lined by a 300 meter long permanent pit building, which includes 36 team pits and four FIA and F1 pits. Racecontrol is also integrated into the structure of the pit building and is located at the beginning of the pit lane. From here, the entire race event is coordinated and monitored. On the upper two levels above the pitboxes there are lounge areas which will accommodate up to 3,000 guests of the Paddock Club.
The three-storey pit building is oriented towards the infield and follows the architectural appearance of Vietnamese citadel buildings. The facade is characterized by an interplay of modern glass and steel elements and light brown bamboo wood. The architectural highlight is the sculptured roof construction which rises centrally above the building and is reminiscent of a typical Vietnamese bamboo construction. Green zones between the lounge areas invite you to linger before and after the race.
In the middle of the race track, in the heart of the action, close to the track at turn 1 and 2, there is a VIP building, which is designed as a temporary four-storey structure. It includes lounge rooms and outdoor grandstands for almost 8,000 visitors. It has a separate entrance to the paddock and a separate drop-off and parking zone.
The Main Grandstands with a capacity of 30,000 spectators are located on the start and finish straight opposite the pit building. A total of 15,000 VIPs and 97,000 other visitors can be accommodated on a total area of over 37,000 square meters.

Track length

5.56 km



Top speed (F1)

335 kph

Project status

Completed in 2020

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