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Hotel & Office Building Duisburg

Hotel & Office Building Duisburg
Duisburg, GERMANY

In the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, Duisburg is characterized by its leading position in the iron and steel producing industry and the largest inland port in the world. Industrialization since the 19th century still shapes the urban landscape of Duisburg today.

The trapezoidal site located at the intersection of Düsseldorfer Landstraße and Wedauer Straße is adjacent to a historic brick building housing the “House of Entrepreneurs”. On the other sides of the street are a residential area, a forest cemetery, and a subway station.
The eastern side of Düsseldorfer Landstraße, in the area of Jesuitenstraße – Wedauer Straße, is characterized by individual buildings or an open construction. The present design adopts this principle and continues it with two individual buildings, a 3-story and a 5-story building. The three-story restaurant and office building is approximately the same height as the neighboring “House of Entrepreneurs”, creating a proportional “distance piece” to the hotel building, which has five regular floors and whose corner facing Düsseldorfer Landstraße / Wedauer Straße is emphasized by an additional floor.

The facade design has a clear reference to modern industrial architecture. The materiality and texture of the aluminum panels refer to the metal industry. As their association is with the neighboring entrepreneurs’ association, a direct connection is made. In addition, the rounded and glazed facades create modern dynamic building volumes. The result is a clearly structured, contemporary architecture that creates an exciting composition with the existing building.

The hotel has 180 rooms and features a spacious entrance and bar area, a breakfast room, conference rooms, and a sauna and fitness area on the sixth floor. The neighboring building has a brewery gastronomy with terrace area on the ground floor and two office floors above.



Project status

Concept design in 2017

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