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Tilkes first activity at the Nürburgring was the construction…




Maybe the most popular racetrack worldwide.

Tilkes first activity at the Nürburgring was the construction of the Mercedes Benz stand. Since its completion in 1995 it is the most popular and most liked stand of the grand prix track because of its view on the Yokohama turn and the position fights in the Mercedes Arena. The Mercedes Arena is the most important feature of the new Nürburgring. With its completion in 2001 the track length rose up from 4.5 to 5.1 km. At the same time the racetrack was broaden and the run off area was improved. Todays Grand-Prix-Track of Nürburgring corresponds to the requirements of modern motorsports.

Total area

94 ha

Track length

5.1 km



Project status

Completed in 2010

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