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The Magarigawa Club

Southeast, 70 kilometers and 60 minutes away from Tokyo, a unique race track is being built that is unlike any other in the world.

The 3.5-kilometer race track is symbiotically embedded in the existing topography with hills and valleys, offering a unique driving experience in a fascinating setting. The track features medium-fast and technically challenging sections as well as two high-speed straights with a maximum length of 800 meters. A maximum rise of 20% and a maximum fall of 16% complete the characteristics of the track, with a total of 22 curves, making it truly outstanding. State-of-the-art safety features provide riders with optimal protection on and off the track, allowing them to focus on the beautiful racing experience.

Novice drivers can receive one-on-one coaching from professional instructors and learn the circuit in a safe manner before testing the potential of their own favorite car on the track.

Magarigawa Club members have the opportunity to keep their cars on site in luxurious garages and have maintenance checks performed on them both before and after their rides.

Track Length


Turn Total ( R | L )

22 ( 10 | 12 )

Total Area

95 ha

Max. Fall & Rise

15% & 19%

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