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Tesla Test Miles

At a conference, Tesla's AI applications chief explained that three billion test miles have already been covered. A classification. Every year, companies in California with a license to test autonomous vehicle technology must submit a report to the DMV. They publish this data. The main focus is on the number of test miles covered and [...]
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Waymo Via

The market leader in autonomous driving is Waymo, which intends to focus on the truck segment. The German manufacturer Daimler has recently announced that it is neglecting the automation efforts in the passenger car segment and is instead focusing on the automation of commercial vehicles. The industry is not alone in this. There are several [...]
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South Korea invests in autonomous driving

The government of the Asian country South Korea wants to assert itself in the field of autonomous driving. Recently, the government of South Korea announced that a lot of money will be invested in the development of autonomous driving. Specifically, the sum of 1.1 trillion won, which is 840 million euros, was named. With this [...]
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