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Immendingen Test Center

Since 2018, the Daimler AG has operated a cutting-edge testing and technology center (PTZ) located south of Immendingen, Baden-Württemberg, boasting 32 distinct test modules. The conception of this facility stemmed from Daimler's vision to establish a holistically crafted area for vehicle development and experimentation. Each

Kuwait Motor Town

Not far from the capital Kuwait City lies Kuwait Motor Town, the country's first track with an FIA Grade One and FIM Grade A License. After construction began in early 2017, it took only about two years for the facility to open in March 2019.


With Chinas rising enthusiasm for motorsport and racing events, an innovative automobile and racing center is being built in Wuquing near China's metropolisis Tianjin and Beijing. It will include a flexible race track, a hotel for motorsport enthusiasts as well as car dealerships and conference

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