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Rudskogen Motorsenter

Rudskogen Motorsenter was opened in 1990 with a track length of 1.9 kilometers.

In 2006 our company was contracted to modernize the entire facility and develop Rudskogen Motorsenter into the national center for car and motorcycle racing. After 5 years of planning the new track opened in 2011.

For the new track layout, the start/finish straight was widened and extends from there into the adjacent forest area in the south. After a challenging uphill and downhill section, the course rejoins the existing layout after turn 9.

Along the main straight, the redevelopment adds a larger area for temporary pits and paddock. In the original plans for the racetrack, various short-course variants were planned that could be operated simultaneously, but these were not realized but could be implemented at a later date at any time.

In addition to national and international races for automobiles and motorcycles of various classes, the track can also be rented privately for corporate events and driver training.

Track Length


Turn Total ( R | L )

14 ( 7 | 7 )

Total Area

45 ha

Max. Fall & Rise

8.7% & 12%

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