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Autotalks and the traffic light circuit

The Israeli company Autotalks is cooperating with the company “Applied Information” for intelligent traffic light control.

Networking is a basic component of autonomous driving and is already increasing traffic safety.The first thing that comes to mind here is communication between vehicles, but the infrastructure will also have an increasingly significant role to play in the future.

Autotalks and Applied Information Inc.
The two companies, Autotalks and Applied Information Inc. are pursuing a common path when it comes to networking. They want to involve the traffic infrastructure in vehicle communication and have already equipped several intersections in the US state of Georgia with their technology.

This involves the transmission of data from the roadside and at traffic lights. Networking offers a dual mode that covers both mobile radio and the DSRC communication path. However, the latter has recently become less important, and the US Federal Communications Commission, FCC, is considering outsourcing the reservation of channels for DSRC transmission.

In Georgia, 150 devices are connected to each other and thus allow a better overview for the vehicles. This is because the technology allows some vehicles to be given right of way. In concrete terms, this means rescue vehicles, but it also allows local transport vehicles to be given priority at traffic lights.

The concept was developed in Georgia as part of the Infrastructure Automotive Technology Laboratory (iATL) and could serve as a blueprint for other cities and states. Therefore, after its success in Georgia, the concept will be brought to Texas and Hawaii.

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