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Ascent Drive Resort

Whole 580 acres of rolling land provided us with enough space to develop a state-of-the-art racetrack in Colorado.

A centerpiece of Ascent Drive is the safety concept: With 40-foot-wide runoff areas, cutting-edge safety electronics, and energy-absorbing barriers, Ascent meets the highest standards and was able to claim the FIA Grade-2 accreditation.

Thanks to these measures, top speeds of over 175 mph / 280 km/h are possible on the asphalt; in addition, there are Off Road Park features in the form of a Rallycross track and dirt section. The racing options are rounded off by a kart track for entertaining action.

Ascent also offers a full program in terms of infrastructure. Thus, for the time off the track, over 750 private car condos (partially in multi-story construction) are available, complemented by a member clubhouse. For the future, an event venue, R&D facilities, and testing opportunities for OEMs are also planned to reflect the holistic character of today’s motorsport clubs.

Track Length:

6.033 km | 3.748 mi

Turns Total ( L | R )

23 ( 8 | 15 )

Track Width:


Max. Rise & Fall:


Total Area:

234 ha



Project Status:

In construction

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