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Black Rock Motor Resort

Track and Nature in Harmony: The Environmental Vision of Black Rock Motor Resort

Creating something new on the grounds of a former mine: In Teralba, New South Wales, the Black Rock Motor Resort is taking shape, a motorsport club that will also become part of our Motorsport Club of Clubs.

The centerpiece is a 5.409-kilometer-long racetrack. There, we aim to leverage the extreme topography for challenging racing action along unique sections, all while ensuring a multipurpose character by the ability to divide the track into north and south variants for parallel operation. We take advantage of the gradient to cater to the needs of legal road sports cars and classic cars: To minimize wear and tear, many braking points are intentionally located on an incline, which preserves the material like brakes while making no compromises on driving dynamics.

In doing so, we reinforce sustainability, which extends beyond the cars to encompass the surrounding nature as well. The numerous microhabitats of the local fauna are to be preserved and protected in the long term. This way, we’re creating a track that is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding nature visually, which significantly enhances the quality of stay and excursion experience for all visitors.

To provide racing enthusiasts and their families in New South Wales (and beyond) with a comprehensive experience, there will be additional features implemented such as a go-kart track, gastronomy, premium-level accommodations and driver training surface, the latter also a suitable training track for police and emergency services, so the track benefits public safety in addition to club- and motorsport.
All things considered, the choice of this location for a motorsport club is of particular significance as it serves as an example of the reuse of valuable land, regarding the past use as well as the prevailing nature, making it a blueprint for other projects in this and other scales worldwide.

We are proud to welcome this project and the team to our family of the Motorsports Club of Clubs.

Track Length:

5.409 km | 3.361 mi

Turns Total ( L | R )

20 ( 12 | 8 )

Track Width:


Max. Rise & Fall:


Total Area:




Project Status:

In planning

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