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South Korea invests in autonomous driving

The government of the Asian country South Korea wants to assert itself in the field of autonomous driving.

Recently, the government of South Korea announced that a lot of money will be invested in the development of autonomous driving. Specifically, the sum of 1.1 trillion won, which is 840 million euros, was named.

With this investment power, they want to strengthen the domestic automotive industry, which is on its way to level 4. The country has already been taking appropriate infrastructure measures since 2019, thus meeting the challenges of autonomous driving.

Within five years, the transport infrastructure in South Korea is to be ready for Level 4 vehicles. The deadline for the infrastructure measures was originally not supposed to be reached until 2030, but now the aim is to be ready by 2027. The plan is to take a leading role in the field of autonomous driving.

The funds now approved will also help to establish an ecosystem around autonomous driving. To this end, there will also be further cooperation between the authorities and industry.

South Korea has a well-developed IT and automotive industry that can bring autonomous driving to market in combination. Chip manufacturers such as Samsung also produce chips for the automotive industry and the manufacturer Hyundai in particular has excelled in the field of vehicle automation.

South Korea was also the first country to have a 5G infrastructure – ahead of the USA. Germany is far behind in this respect. 5G is not absolutely necessary for the establishment of the technology, but many experts assume that it will prevail.

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