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V1 Auto World

With Chinas rising enthusiasm for motorsport and racing events, an innovative automobile and racing center is being built in Wuquing near China’s metropolisis Tianjin and Beijing.

Tilke was commissioned in 2016 to design the racing facilities. This led to the design of a multi-purpose race track that can be used for large, international racing events as well as a test track and for driver trainings. It can be flexibly reduced via shortcuts or extended onto public roads. The permanent track section meets FIA Grade 3 standards. With the extension to surrounding roads, the track is homologated to FIA Grade 2 standards.

A Z-shaped pit building will be built in the center of the plot, allowing flexible use of the entire facility. The building will include a total of 51 garages. V1 Autoworld also offers an additional 18 workshops for the racing teams, including office and storage areas.

Parts of the facility and the permanent section of the racetrack, was already opened in 2018, while construction of the surrounding complex and expansion as a city circuit are in progress

Track Length


Turn Total ( R | L )

14 ( 9 | 5 )

Total Area

49 ha

Max. Fall & Rise

2.5% & 3.5%



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