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Ford and U-M to build research center for advanced robotics

U.S. automaker Ford and the University of Michigan (U-M) are planning a joint research center.
The University of Michigan is a major U.S. research center for autonomous driving. It is also where, for example, the first facade city for autonomous driving tests has been built: M-City. Tilke is the perfect partner for such projects. We plan and build test centers – not only for autonomous driving.

The US manufacturer Ford, together with Volkswagen, is planning to implement autonomous driving soon. Robotics, artificial intelligence and networking are pioneering milestones for this, which together will make autonomous driving possible.

A four-floor research center is being built on the university campus in cooperation between Ford and the University of Michigan. The first three floors will provide space for the university’s research, while the fourth floor will be dedicated to robotics and mobility on behalf of Ford. There, 100 specialists will be employed, who will also work on autonomous driving.

Furthermore, they have planned an obstacle course, which is captured by cameras. There is also access to the M-City, where the developments can be tested.


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