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Auburndale, FL, USA


After 6 years, Suntrax was finally able to open its doors in June 2023.

With its features, the facility in Tampa, Florida, is a commitment to the future, as autonomous driving takes center stage at the test track. This posed special requirements for the project from the beginning, but as the lead designer, we were able to meet them well and gladly, as sustainability and safety are highly valued key topics at Tilke.

SunTrax is equipped to simulate various scenarios such as complex urban road networks, highway driving and emergency braking behavior – all under any desired weather conditions. Due to the numerous criteria that autonomous driving must meet, the facility offers several different tracks and areas, including the Geometry Track, the Loop Track and the Oval Track.

Even for specific everyday situations like Pick-Up/Drop-Off, there is a designated area, just like for the intricacies of suburban traffic patterns. To efficiently facilitate complex test and learning projects, SunTrax also offers storage for vehicle lengths of up to 114 ft / 35 m, catering to the crucial transportation sector.

All of this can be witnessed from the Observation Tower, which also serves as the facility’s distinctive landmark thanks to its height and design.

Already during the construction phase, SunTrax was able to garner several awards, including the ‘President’s Award for Excellence’ and twice ‘Best in Construction’. Further accolades are only a matter of time, as the facility’s qualities make it a customized destination for OEMs worldwide, advancing their autonomous solutions.

Project highlights

  • Highway testing with ‘on-’ and ‘off-ramp’ merger situations
  • An urban road network with complex intersections and roundabouts in which flexible building facades are assembled and pedestrian substitutes are stationed
  • Braking pads with various surfaces for the simulation of emergency braking
  • Weather chamber to simulate fog and rain/li>
  • Laboratories and research and development spaces
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