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Las Vegas, NV, USA

Las Vegas Grand Prix Circuit

The Las Vegas Grand Prix Circuit marries the pulse of Formula One with the glitz and glamour of this legendary city. Join us on a journey through the creation of this unique urban racetrack, where every turn tells a story and every straight is a stage for high-speed drama. This is more than a race; this is the Las Vegas Grand Prix Circuit.

Creating the Las Vegas Grand Prix Circuit track was like going on an exciting adventure. We were approached with the desire to seamlessly integrate the Formula One race into the lively atmosphere of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Together with our Client Las Vegas Grand Prix (LVGP) and our local partners (Miller Project Management, Klai Juba Wald Architecture, Kimley Horn, Penta, Las Vegas Paving, etc.) we took on the challenge of making something amazing that blends fast racing with the glitz of this famous city.

The most spectacular part of the track is its 1.9km long straight over the famous Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as “the Strip”. It’s a bold stretch where the Formula One cars can go as fast as they do in Monza, showing their speed. It’s not just a regular race; it’s a mix of speed and show that captures the true spirit of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Designing the track in the middle of Las Vegas, surrounded by the biggest hotels of the world, was a unique challenge. The objective was to ensure that the track’s design harmonized with the city’s vibrant atmosphere. The focus went beyond creating a racetrack; it was like creating a dance between the road and the shiny buildings. Every turn, straight, and corner was carefully planned to be a part of the Las Vegas experience.

In this city playground, where every little detail matters, the track was carefully designed in close cooperation with FORMULA 1. Together many different layouts were investigated before deciding on the final one. The goal was clear: make a track that not only challenges the drivers but also feels like a natural part of the city’s lively atmosphere.

While designing the track, all surrounding stakeholders were integrated into the process to make sure the impact of building the track was kept as minimal as possible. The Las Vegas Boulevard, one of the busiest streets globally, had to be included without disrupting the city’s lively feeling.

Having the race at night with the bright lights of Las Vegas was a must. The night race turns the city into a lively place, and the track becomes a stage where speed and excitement come together. The cars zoom down the 1.9km section along the Strip, passing famous places and giving the audience an amazing show.

Being part of the Las Vegas Grand Prix project has made us very proud at Tilke. We teamed up with experts and enthusiastic partners, including Formula 1 and the iconic City of Las Vegas, making this journey super special. Everyone’s hard work and knowledge turned this idea into a real thing. Working closely with the biggest Hotels and Casinos was amazing. They invested a lot to make the event awesome and an addition to the excitement of Las Vegas. Looking back at race day, where all the hard work came together, we feel a strong sense of achievement and thankfulness for being part of Formula One history in this famous city.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is not just a race; it’s a full experience, a party of speed, sound, and the city that never sleeps. It shows how engineering skills and creative vision come together. The racetrack becomes a living thing, pulsing with the energy of Formula One and the spirit of Las Vegas. It is a race that’s unlike any other – welcome to the Las Vegas Grand Prix!

Track Length

6,197m | 3.85 mi

Turns Total ( R | L )

17 ( 6 | 11 )

Longest straight

1.9 km | 1.2 mi

Top Speed

366 kph | Carlos Sainz


Las Vegas Boulevard & the Sphere

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