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Igora Drive

Igora Drive is a state-of-the-art racetrack north of St. Petersburg that meets all FIA Grade 1 specifications and guarantees exciting racing.

In 2019, Igora Drive was completed 80 km north of Saint Petersburg. Covering an area of around 100 hectares, it is a modern motorsport complex with an FIA Grade 1 racetrack, kart track, motocross, rallycross and an SUV park. In addition, adjacent buildings provide space for bars and restaurants, conference rooms and a motorsports museum.

The 4.086 km long racetrack has 10 different layout options and can be easily divided into 2 tracks that can be used by different events at the same time.

The Grand Prix circuit has 15 turns, 9 left, 6 right and a difference in elevation of 17 meters.

A new extension is planned for the Formula 1 race weekend.

track length

4,711m | 2.93 mi

Turns Total ( R | L )

18 ( 8 | 10 )

Total Area

100 ha

Max. Fall & Rise

10% & 10%

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