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Toluca, Mexico

Mexico Drive Resort

The opening of the Mexico Drive Resort (MDR) had an impact on the entire regional motorsport scene, as it is the first motorsport club of its kind in Latin America. In line with its pioneering role, the club exhibits particularly modern characteristics: The site boasts 30,000 trees, rainwater and runoff are treated, while solar energy provides power.

Similar to its sustainable features, the Mexico Drive Resort is also at the forefront of motorsports. On the land originally assembled and used for horsekeeping, eight different track variations have been installed, providing a lot of variety and precise customization options for various events. Pronounced elevation changes with gradients of up to 17% and 22 turns ensure a challenging driving experience.

The exclusivity of the club is evident in both its luxurious amenities and services, as well as the significance placed on the digitization of the facility. Another factor in this regard is also fulfilled: Being located directly southwest of the mega-metropolis Mexico City ensures good accessibility, which is a significant advantage especially for regular visitors.

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